This site is devoted to androids. An android is an anthropomorphic robot - i.e. a robot that looks like a human. Many android developers call their creations "humanoids" rather than androids. We also have robotics links, robot links, animatronics links, and research links.

Updated :  02/05/2016

New Io, Mercury, Ganymede, and Callisto globes now available

Global Warming is now Global Cooling

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What's New at Android World

World's greatest android projects   There are 106 major android projects around the world - 49 are in Japan, 11 in the US,  11 in Korea, 9 in Germany, 7 in China, 4 in the UK,  2 in Sweden, 1 in Australia, 1 in Thailand, 1 in Singapore, 1 in Bulgaria, 2 in Iran, 1 in Italy, 1 in Austria, 1 in Spain, 1 in Russia, 1 in UAE, 1 in Canada and 1 in Turkey (new)


Entertainment androids or robots Many companies offer entertainment androids or robots for advertising or promotion. 73 companies are listed here.   


DARPA offers $2 Million Robotics Challenge

DARPA is looking for a humanoid robot which can be used to help fix hazardous situations like Fukushima

Online Casino Tropez

      An Odd AI Challenge for French AI experts - The Computer Poker Competition


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Smaller android projects Here are 73 smaller  android projects around the world. Of these, 19 are in Japan, 20 in the US, 7 in Australia, 8 in the UK, 2 in Canada, 2 in Sweden, 1 in Germany, 2 in Hungary, 1 in Argentina, 1 in Brazil, 3 in Denmark, 1 in India , 1 in Mexico, 1 in Indonesia, 2 in Malaysia, 1 in Italy, 1 in Colombia, and 1 in China. If you are building an android and would like a link, send me an email. 

emma.gif (174058 bytes)  Simonv3.jpg (69259 bytes)

Animatronic Eyes/Android Eyes

They have 2 color video cameras with pan & tilt and eyelid motion. They are adult human sized eyes.  The eyes can be ordered with or without servos and with or without cameras. Full kit with 2 color video cameras only $799.   Basic kit is only $99 (no servos & no cameras & no controller).

                      Boneyard3.jpg (98033 bytes)    Android eyes

Squse offers robot hand with 5 moving fingers.


Touch Bionics offers the i-Limb hand            

No Food = No Problem

Reality Check for Anti-War People

Killer Asteroids

Another HOAX!

Honey Bees Dying

A True Crisis

Current Product List 

Nuclear War is Inevitable 

Are super-intelligent machines a danger to humanity?  

Has the Turing test become Worthless?

   No Civil War in Iraq

   See our complete list of globes here

The Tara Android

Tara was built by John Bergeron back in 2003 and 2004.  John was trying to bootstrap the android industry just as I have been trying to do.  She is a bit primitive but that is to be expected given the tiny budget available to John.  In 2004 John made a music video of Tara singing.  Some folks think its creepy, but I think its just a little spooky. You can buy this music video here for $11 in the US and $19 outside the US. I currently have no email address for John Bergeron.

Android Hand Projects  There are several groups and individuals who are building android hands.  Perhaps you would like to check them out. 

  shadow_hand2.jpg (90749 bytes)    maryanto_hand.jpg (210360 bytes)

    Shadow hand        Maryanto hand  

Android Head Projects This page shows 31 android head projects.


                         Philip K. Dick head

   LOW cost Animatronic Head Kit - $295 

  skull_front.jpg (92107 bytes)      Face_front.jpg (96648 bytes)

      Silicone face (front & back) and plastic skull (front & back) - 4 pieces.  Kit includes - 2 small ears & 2 medium ears plus a tube of Shin Etsu and a piece of power stretch.


 David Ng's Animatronic Head

Animatronic Head - now $5500


Robotic Hand/arm by David Ng

13 DOF Hand/Arm - $6500

Ng_hand1.jpg (35081 bytes)      Ng_hand2.jpg (31415 bytes)

 Android Cop Video   

  The Embassy Visual Effects Inc of Vancouver, BC, Canada, has produced an android policeman video which is just OUTSTANDING.  The video shows an android cop patrolling in a poor part of town near Johannesburg, South Africa.  It shows the android running, driving a patrol car, and shooting guns.  Fantastic!  (Only problem is the video is 16M).

       android_cop.jpg (28573 bytes)    Android cop.

 4 DOF Android Fingers

 available now for only

$55 each unassembled

 $110 each assembled

60 parts per finger

Analog  Gyro/Accelerometer Board

See our 6-axis sensor board for android balance. Three orthogonally mounted gyros and three orthogonally mounted accelerometers provide a great inexpensive 6-axis sensor.

       New_Gyro_Bd.jpg (72883 bytes)   Analog board.

Digital  Gyro/Accelerometer Board.

We are also offering a 6-axis digital sensor board with 3 orthogonally mounted gyros and 3 orthogonally mounted accelerometers. This board comes with a watertight enclosure and a USB connector and software to drive it.

all_cards_sm.jpg (7322 bytes)

NASA Anthropomorphic Projects . Several projects are underway at Johnson Space Center, Houston, TX. 

Expert system databases

 (Available now for $20)

All the Bird species in the World - Linnean Classification of.   This list contains 29 orders, 201 families, 2073 genera, and 10010 species.     

All Mammal species in the World - Linnean Classification of.  This list contains 28 orders, 161 families, 747 genera, and 4939 species.

All Dinosaur species in the World - Linnean Classification of.  This list contains 2 orders, 70 families, 673 genera, and 995 species.

Live to be 100

FREE Guaranteed Weight Loss Plan

World Deaths & Media Distortions Thereof  

Want to do a Robot Mind Survey for Harvard University? 

Who are the best Pollsters?

Which pollsters do you trust?

Baby and Mecha projects Several groups are building either baby androids or giant androids which are called Mechas. 

Land Walker is here  


   We do Contracting / Subcontracting / Outsourcing work.   

If you have a project you need completed fast and cheap -

  Let us bid on your project.

Historical android projects Several major android projects have been developed in the past. Here are some of them. If you know of others, please email us their URLs and we will add them to our list. 

    wabot-2.jpg (20090 bytes)

Wabot-2, Japan, 1984 

Free fun Software

Page listing FREE SOFTWARE which you may want to download. 

Asimov's Three Laws of Robotics Perhaps the reader would enjoy my comments on Asimov's three laws of robotics. 

      asimov.jpg (20368 bytes)   

Isaac Asimov - World's Greatest Author

Secret Android Projects What other unseen groups are building androids? Here are 9 likely candidate organizations.

     sonydog2.gif (65418 bytes)    Aibo 

Robotics / Computer Science Education   This page will help you choose the right college or university to attend. It includes robotics and computer science schools in the US and around the world.  The Philosophy & Future of Androids Questions answered: Why androids? When? How much? What can they do? How smart will they be?


CMU (Carnegie Mellon University) has a robotic receptionist called Valerie.  Valerie, the new receptionist at Carnegie Mellon University's computer science department, can give you directions to labs and offices and she can give you an update about the weather.  Here is another longer article.  

    Receptionist.jpg (43208 bytes)   Valerie

King's College London also has a robotic receptionist - which is called Inkha. It was built by Matthew Walker and went on-line full time last December. Inkha is attracted to small movements and is frightened by large movements which makes it a popular addition to the reception area. Inkha's lifelike movement results from studies of human behavior. 

    inkha1.gif (92099 bytes)     Inkha

     Mr. Walker is offering these kits for sale.  Contact him if you are interested. His website is here.

World's Smallest Video Cameras  These cameras are small enough to use for android's eyes.  Supercircuits has introduced two new tiny cameras which are only 3/8" sq by 5/8" long (9mm sq x 16mm). They have both a B&W version (PC206XP) and a color version (PC207XP).

  cameras1.jpg (118553 bytes)  PC206XP B&W camera

Bipedal Projects & Info  22 projects are listed here. 

       U of South Denmark.

World's Largest Robotics Sites These are the largest robotics sites which we have found. If you know of some others, please email us their URLs. 

Robot Media Online  These sites offer news, magazines, books, etc. 

Books of Interest   Looking for Robot books? Here are a few links plus four books that I have written.  

Domestic Robots or Androids

15 domestic robots are shown which are available for purchase today. Added Anybots domestic robot  01/05/08.

        Dishwasher robot

AI Site:   Recluse Robots is a site in Pretoria, South Africa which has developed a unique Brain Model.  They have a simulator to run it and you can try it out for FREE.   Check them out!   

    Simmy2.jpg (62126 bytes)   <=  Simulator screenshot.

Fun Animatronics Sites Here are some animatronics sites which you will enjoy browsing. 


Animatronic Hardware & Software -   We are now offering products to get your animatronics project rolling.

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