Linnean Classification of all Dinosaur species of the World

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This list of dinosaur species will be part of the Valerie android's expert knowledge base.  It will be used to answer questions directed to the Valerie android.

                            Orders of Dinosaurs

                      Order Saurischia                 63 %
                      Order Ornithischia (sample list) 37 %
                       2 Orders
                  70 Families
                 673 Genera
                 995 Species

NOTE: "Dinosauria" does NOT include either the flying reptiles (known as Pterosaurs of which there are about 60 genera) or the marine reptiles (known as Plesiosaurs and Pliosaurs of which there are about 80 genera altogether).

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Dinosaur sources on the internet:
There are two classification systems in use: Cladograms and the Linnean system (after Carolus Linnaeus (1707 - 1778), a Swedish botanist and naturalist).

Cladogram sources:


The Dinosauria

Mikko's Philogeny Archive

University of Bristol (UK)

Linnean Classification of the Dinosaurs sources:

Morrison Natural History Museum

Wikipedia (free)

University of Bristol (UK)

Enchanted Learning
Species lists:

Dinosauricon species lists

Dinodata species list

University of Bristol (UK)

Enchanted Learing

Dino George

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