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What's New
1. The University of South Denmark has a 7 DOF walker.  They have several videos on their site too.  The walker was built by Henrick Lund, Soren Jensen & Soren Theodorsen.  It stands about 56 cm = 22 inches tall.


2. The University of Brussels in Belgium has a bipedal walking robot project underway.  This project is being lead by Prof. D. Lefeber of the Mutlibody Mechanics Research Group of the Mechanical Engineering Department.  Their robot is called "Lucy".   It is 150 cm tall and weighs 30 Kg.

   Brussels_Lucy.jpg (152742 bytes)    <= NEW picture of  Lucy 08/18/2003

3. The National University of Singapore has a bipedal walking robot project underway.  This project is being lead by Prof. C.M. Chew of the Mechanical Engineering Department.  Their robot has 12 DOF and stands 1.2 meters tall.  It is driven by DC motors.

   sing_biped.jpg (47124 bytes)      Singapore biped

4. Halmstad University in Sweden has had a bipedal walker project underway for about a year.  Its a Master's thesis project with 4 students working on it. It has 16 degrees of freedom and is powered by RC servos. It appears to be about 18" tall and 6" wide.

   Elvira_sweden.jpg (29541 bytes)      Its called Elvira. 

5. Uppsala University in Sweden has a bipedal walker project underway.  The university is hoping to participate in the Robocup 2002 in Fukuoka, Japan this June 19 - June 25, 2002.

firstmurphy.gif (8335 bytes)      Its called Murphy. 

6. The University of Illinois has a biped walker project going on at the Urbana-Champaign campus. It was built by Lloyd Buck and Kitirat Jungpakdee. They call it Bijimeny.

bijimeny.jpg (143840 bytes)      Bijimeny.  

7. Tony Padgett has built a bipedal walker at the University of Florida.

   padgett.jpg (28728 bytes)      Tony's walker.   

8. Dr. G.A.Medrano-Cerda sent me an email about the biped walker which they are building at the University of Salford in the UK   Their robot is called "Lady Salford". It can walk up or down stairs. Soon they will have video clips on their website. It has 8 DOF.

 salford.gif (195467 bytes)   Lady Salford  -  188KB

    I recently received another email from D. Akdas, grad student of Prof. Medrano-Cerda, who let me know that they have started another project called "Gonzalez" which will have 12 DOF and will be able to walk forward, backward, sideways, and up or down small steps.

9. There is a European walker project going on in France called BIP. The BIP project of INRIA no longer exists. The research on the biped robots is now carried out by the BIPOP project.  

       Bipop_biped.jpg (23477 bytes)    <=  New picture 8/18/2003

10. At the University of Hannover in Germany, they have a bipedal robot project called BART.

bart.jpg (93283 bytes)      BART

11. At the Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands, they are working on several bipedal robot projects at the Delft Biped Lab.  Shown below is "The World's Most Energy Efficient Robot". Richard van der Linde built it. Its called BAPS after his girlfriend. She must be really thin!  He is using artificial muscles.

Delft.jpg (7005 bytes)    BAPS 

12. IIS BioBots is building Biologically inspired robots. They use artificial muscles and are developing some anthropomorphic robots .

iisbiobots.jpg (14855 bytes)      

13. Yobotics which is an offshoot from the MIT leg laboratory, is marketing the M2 walker which was developed at MIT.

yobotics.jpg (34131 bytes)       

14. The University of New Hampshire has numerous robot projects. This includes a bipedal robot which can actually walk.  They have several movies on their site too.

 unh_biped.gif (142896 bytes)    


15. Alexander Vogler from Vienna, Austria has a very nice bipedal android which he calls V-3. Its about 12" or 30cm tall and weighs 1.2 Kg. It has 12 DOF. You will find many pictures and movies on his site.   Alex now has another robot which he calls HR-V1.  Upper body with ball bearing joints and a vision-system as head. Designed for combination with a revised version of V-3.  WOW!  He will have a full android when they are combined!  You can contact Alex at

alex_vogler.gif (19474 bytes)           


16. Jonathan Remba from DeLaSalle University in the city of Leon in Mexico sent me an email about his biped.  His project is sponsored by a research center called CIATEQ an advanced technology center in the city of Queretaro in Mexico.  His biped uses servos too.  His site is in Spanish (of course).    (* NEW *)

      mexico_biped.jpg (49063 bytes)      

Other Bipedal Resources

1.  Karsten Burns at the University of Karlsruhe has researched all the walking machines in the world and has produced a walking machines catalog.  

2.  Karsten Burns also has an extensive historical list of bipedal walking machines
3.  A group in Korea has done a VERY nice reformat of Karsten's catalog. They have lots of  THUMBS. 4.  Shuuji Kajita who works in the Robotics Department of the Mechanical Engineering Lab of AIST which is part of MITI, has collected his own list of worldwide biped research sites.
5.  Here is a large bibliography of papers and articles dealing with bipedal research from the University of Massachusetts. 154KB 6.  Herr Ziegler at the University of Dortmund (Germany) has built an excellent site dealing exclusively with 2-legged Walking Machines.
7. Here is the legged robot builder website. This site, built by Dennis H. Evans, offers quite a selection of resources for the legged robot builder.

animation.gif (42581 bytes)