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  Do you have a small project you need done for you?

We have the hardware and software skills and can complete your project cost effectively.



Regis Serrat - EE   Regis designed and built the Touch Sensor Board (here) & Gyro boards (here) sold on this site. Regis can design and build ANYTHING.  See ======>>>

       Regis Serrat - EE & Consulting 

Regis Serrat - Hardware and software engineer. Xilinx systems VHDL programmer, MSP430,
COP8, Microchip family. Programming in C, Visual Basic, C#.NET, VB.NET, ActiveX controls. USB based systems developer. Multi phase motor drives
development and applications up to 460  VAC  or 20Hp. Smart sensors and data acquisition.

       Regis Serrat - EE & Consulting 

Michael Malczewski - EE  Michael designed and built the LVDT controller board sold on this site. (here)

      Michael Malczewski - Electrical Eng.

 Will Wagers - MS  Will designs and implements software in support of the android project.  Will specializes in creating 3-tier, Java-based, Web
sites. He is a Sun Certified Programmer for Java  2 Platform (SCJP) and a Sun Certified Developer for Java 2 Platform (SCJD). Will has over fifteen years of software development experience.
John Bergeron - EE  John designed and built the fingers shown on this site (here)

     John Bergeron - Robotics Eng.

 John Bergeron specializes in low level "C" & PIC programming, to control motors from the computer, or to read sensors. This is ideal for automated machinery.

      John Bergeron - Robotics Eng.


       Email us an outline of your project and we will bid on it.


Comments?   Email me at crwillis@androidworld.com