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1926 - Metropolis (drama)  

Classic silent film fantasy about a futuristic city and its mechanized society.

1939 - Wizard of Oz (musical) - Judy Garland

The Tin Man is a jolly but bumbling robot. Excellent.

1949 - Perfect Woman (comedy)

Satire about a professor who decides to show up society by creating a woman with no social flaws.

DVD not available

1951 - The Day the Earth Stood Still (sci-fi drama) - Michael Rennie, Patricia Neal

Story about aliens who come to Earth with an all-powerful robot called Gort.

1956 - Earth vs the Flying Saucers (sci-fi drama)

Some of the oddest robots ever created.

1956 - Forbidden Planet (sci-fi drama) - Leslie Nielsen

Classic movie robot Robby.

1957 - The Invisible Boy (sci-fi drama)

About computers gone berserk and power happy. Also features Robby the Robot.

DVD not available

DVD not available

1958 - The Colossus of New York (scii-fi horror)

A doctor implants his dead son's brain into a robot with predictable chaos.

1964 - Kiss Me Quick (sci-fi comedy horror)

A mad scientist builds android women for an alien from an all-male planet. (nudie flick).

1965 - Dr. Goldfoot and the Bikini Machine (sci-fi spy spoof)

Vincent Price as a mad scientist building bikini clad female androids to marry off to rich men to control the world.

1965 - Dr. Who and the Daleks (sci-fi drama)

Dr. Who helps humans on a distant planet overcome their robot masters.

 DVD not available

1965 - Frankenstein Meets the Space Monster

A big man-shaped robot rescues his creators from outer space monsters.

1966 - Daleks: Invasion Earth 2150 AD (sci-fi)

More Daleks.

DVD not available 

1966 - Dr. Goldfoot and the Girl Bombs (sequel)

Vincent Price and his female androids return but this time they target NATO officers.

1967 - Barbarella (41st century SF space flick) - Jane Fonda

Fonda is a space queen who handles men, robots, and evil aliens without effort.

1968 - 2001: A Space Odyssey (sci-fi drama)

Not strictly a robot, but an intelligent computer who kills members of his crew. Excellent.

1968 - How to Make a Doll (sci-fi drama)

Shy math professors builds female sex androids. (Little skin and no sex).

DVD not available

1971 - Silent Running (sci-fi drama)

Three of the best robots ever designed.

1973 - Fantastic Planet

Giant androids.

1973 - Sleeper (Comedy) - Woody Allen

Comedy about household robots of the future. Excellent.

1973 - Westworld (sci-fi drama) - Yul Brynner

Good story about an entertainment park filled with androids. Yul Brynner stars as an android gunslinger who goes berserk and starts killing the guests.

1974 - Dark Star - John Carpenter

Wacko spoof of 2001.

1974 - Flesh Gordon (porno sci-fi)

Porno space flick with androids.

1974 - The Stepford Wives (sci-fi thriller)

A New England town's wives are all turned into loving androids. Excellent

1974 - Who? - Jack Gold

Features a great cyborg.

DVD not available

1975 - Roboman - Elliot Gould, Trever Howard

Injured American scientist is turned into a cyborg by the Russians.

1976 - Future World (Sequel to Westworld) - Yul Brynner

Reprises his android gunman in black.

Not available in NTSC format (USA)

1976 - Logan's Run (sci-fi horror) - Michael York

Limited appearances by robots.

1977 - Demon Seed (sci-fi horror)

Home computer makes a robot device which kidnaps and rapes the lady of the house - played by Julie Christie.

1977 - Star Wars - Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher

R2D2 robot & C3PO android steal the show. Excellent.

1979 - Alien (sci-fi horror) - Sigourney Weaver

Story takes place in outer space where the ship encounters some particularly scary monsters. One of the crew is an android.  Good SF thriller.

1979 - The Black Hole (Disney sci-fi)

Bad dialog. Some robots and cyborgs.

1979 - Star Trek: The Motion Picture - William Shatner, Persis Khambatta

She gets kidnapped and replaced by a sexy android.

1980 - Galaxina (Star Wars spoof) BOMB - Stephen Macht, Dorothy R. Stratton

Stratton plays a female android.

1980 - The Empire Strikes Back (Star Wars sequel) - Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher,

Another episode of Star Wars.

1980 - Saturn 3 (sci-fi horror) BOMB - Kirk Douglas, Farrah Fawcett

Story about a couple on a space outpost who are about to be replaced by a robot - which predictably goes berserk.

1981 - Humanoid Woman (sci-fi adventure)

Sexy android is our last hope for survival in a star-spanning sci-fi adventure.

DVD not available

1982 - Android (sci-fi drama) 

Klaus Kinski as a mad scientist on a space station who builds two androids, one a sexy blonde. Includes male android played by Don Opper.

1982 - Blade Runner (sci-fi drama) - Harrison Ford, Rutger Hauer

Ford is hired to track down and kill several androids including Rutger Hauer who steals the show. Ford falls in loves with one female android. Excellent.

1983 - Return of the Jedi (Star Wars sequel) - Harrison Ford

Another episode of Star Wars. Easily the worst!

1984 - The Terminator (sci-fi drama) - Arnold Schwartzenegger

Excellent story of a time-travelling terminator (cyborg) who comes back from the future to kill the mother of its nemesis.

1985 - D.A.R.Y.L. (sci-fi drama)

About an android boy.

1985 - Humanoid Defender - SF Thriller

Android gets reprogrammed to be an assassin and is persued by both sides.

DVD not available

1985 - Return to Oz

Scary sequel to the Wizard of Oz. Nice robots.

1986 - Aliens (sci-fi horror) - Sigourney Weaver

Sequel to Alien. Another android played by Lance Henrikson.

DVD not available

1986 - Deadly Friend (sci-fi horror) Mathew Laborteaux, Kristy Swanson

Teen whiz implants a robot brain into his murdered girlfriend's body creating a monster.

1986 - Short Circuit (sci-fi drama)

Military robot gets hit by lightning and comes alive.

1986 - Space Camp (sci-fi) BOMB

Small cute robot causes Space Campers to launch in a space shuttle.

1987 - Cherry 2000 (sci-fi drama) David Andrews, Melanie Griffith

Story about a man whose female sex android has malfunctioned and he goes looking for a replacement. (BOMB)

1987 - Making Mr. Right (sci-fi comedy) John Malkovich, Ann Magnuson

One of the few MALE sex androids - great for the ladies.

1987 - Mannequin/Mannequin 2 -

One woman in each film is a mannequin that comes to life.

1987 - Robocop (sci-fi drama)

Exceptionally violent story of a cyborg cop.

1987 - Spaceballs (comedy) - Mel Brooks

Silly parody of Star Wars & Star Trek.

1988 - Short Circuit 2 (sci-fi drama)

Sequel to Short Circuit.

1988 - Star Quest - Tracy Davis, Hans Bachmann

SF thriller about an android (Davis) who is sent to retrieve a derelict spaceship.

DVD not available

1989 - Cyborg - Jean-Claude Van Damme

Earth's last hope is a beautiful cyborg, who gets abducted and needs Jean-Claude  to rescue her. (Boy, are we in trouble).

1989 - Slipstream

Mark Hamil tries to kill a very human android on the run played by Bob Peck.

1990 - Circuitry Man (sci-fi thriller)

Story about a woman and an android on a cross-country trek chased by a high-tech villain named Plughead.

1990 - Hardware (sci-fi thriller)

Story about a young couple who find a pile of scrap metal which turns out to be a murderous military android. Great special effects.

DVD not available

1990 - Robocop 2 (sci-fi drama)

Sequel to Robocop. More cyborg cop antics.

1991 - Cybernator

Cyborg assassination squads are targeting public officials.  (Don't we all wish they were in Washington now!)

DVD not available

1992 - Project: Shadowchaser

Super strong murderous android escapes from a government lab and nobody can stop it.

1992 - Terminator 2 (sci-fi drama) - Arnold Schwartzenegger

Great sequel to Terminator. Arnold plays an android.

1992 - Alien 3 (sci-fi horror) - Sigourney Weaver

Sequel to Alien. Another android played by Lance Henrikson.

1993 - Knights (sci-fi shocker)

Set in a futuristic wasteland populated by bloodthirsty cyborgs, a pretty woman teams with a "good" cyborg to protect a human outpost.

DVD not available

DVD not available

1993 - Robot Wars (sci-fi drama)

Special effects filled futuristic opus.

1993 - Cyborg Cop - David Bradley, John Reis Davies

An undercover drug agent fights an army of cyborgs. Exciting SF / Martial Arts action.

1993 - Cyborg 2 - Jack Palance

Features another beautiful cyborg played by Angelina Jolie.

1993 - Robocop 3 (sci-fi drama)

Another sequel to Robocop.

1993 - Nemesis - SF Thriller.

Half human, half cyborg (?) assassin is hired to get rid of some crooks.

1993 - TC 2000 (sci-fi drama)

A female cop is turned into a robotic killing machine.

DVD not available

DVD not available

1994 - Circuitry Man 2 -

Sequel of Circuitry Man.

1994 - Cyborg Soldier - David Bradley

Sequel to Cyborg Cop.

DVD not available

1994 - American Cyborg: Steel Warrior

Fight to save the last fertile human female from a murderous cyborg.

1994 - Star Trek: Generations - (very) old cast + new cast

Commander Data, is an android.

DVD not available

1994 - Project: Shadowchaser 2 - sequel

Three unlikely heroes tackle a diabolical cyborg.

1995 - The Android Affair (sci-fi drama)

Aloof surgeon falls in love with one of her android patients.

DVD not available

DVD not available

1995 - The Companion (sci-fi romance)

A female writer falls in love with her android security guard.

1995 - Cyber Seeker - Don Stroud, Roger Lee

A diabolical man called "The Reaper" tries to release a deadly bacteria to kill the few survivors of a deadly virus.  Mystery man and a cyborg try to stop him.

DVD not available

1995 - Shadow Warriors - SF action

Cyborgs become so popular that it creates a black market in human body parts - many taken involuntarily.

1995 - The Humanoid (Japanimation)

Sexy android shows what life and love will be like in the future. (Adult)

DVD not available

DVD not available

1995 - Cyberzone (sci-fi drama) Marc Singer, Rochelle Swanson

Story about four female androids outlawed on Earth. Ripoff of Blade Runner.

1995 - Nemesis 2 - Sue Price, Tina Cote

The giant cyborg killer is back.  SF action sequel to Nemesis.

DVD not available

1995 - Cyborg 3 -

Another cyborg sequel.

1995 - Project: Shadowchaser 3000 - sequel

More people vs androids.

DVD not available

DVD not available

1995 - Cyber Tracker 2 - Don Wilson (?)

Two people are framed for a murder by cyborg duplicates.

1996 - Nemesis 3

A mutant squares off against a cyborg who is trying to destroy humanity.

DVD not available

1996 - Screamers (sci-fi drama)

Story about two rival gangs who must unite to fight the robotic creatures known as "screamers".

1996 - Star Trek - First Contact

Commander Data, is an android.  Team fights the Borg (humanoids)

1996 - Screamers

Peter Weller (Robo cop) stars and fights deadly robotic creatures called screamers.

1996 - Solo

Mario Van Peebles stars as an Army-built android.

1997 - Omega Doom

Two groups of cyborgs rule the world until Rutger Hauer shows up. 

1997- Universal Soldier III 

(sequel) cyborg soldier Matt Battaglia fights Mentor played by Bert Reynolds

DVD not available

  1998 - Robo Warriors

Earth is taken over by half human half reptiles until a robo warrior helps wrest control from them.

 1999 - Bicentennial Man

Robin Williams stars as an android who tries to become more like a human.

1999 - Total Recall 2070

21st Century cop has an android for a partner. 

2001 - Artificial Intelligence: AI

Spielberg's view of androids - a small boy android.

2002 - Star Trek Nemesis

Commander Data, is an android. 

2003 - Terminator 3: Rise of the machines

Arnold Schwarzeneggar as a T-101 android, battles a female android from the future.

2004 - I, Robot

Will Smith stars in a battle with humanoids. Adaptation of  Asimov's book.