Linnean Classification of all Bird species of the World

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This list of bird species will be part of the Valerie android's expert knowledge base.  It will be used to answer questions directed to the Valerie android.

Orders of Birds

Order Aepyornithiformes(extinct)    0.2
Order Struthioniformes              0.5
Order Tinamiformes                  0.5
Order Sphenisciformes               0.2
Order Anseriformes                  1.7
Order Galliformes(sample list)      3.0
Order Gaviiformes                   0.1
Order Podicipediformes              0.3
Order Procellariiformes             1.1
Order Pelecaniformes                0.7
Order Ciconiiformes                 1.4
Order Accipitriformes               2.7
Order Falconiformes                 0.6
Order Turniciformes                 0.2
Order Gruiformes                    2.0
Order Charadriiformes               3.6
Order Pteroclidiformes              0.2
Order Columbiformes(sample list)    3.0
Order Psittaciformes(sample list)   4.0
Order Cuculiformes                  1.7
Order Strigiformes                  1.8
Order Caprimulgiformes              1.3
Order Apodiformes                   1.0
Order Trochiliformes                3.8
Order Coliiformes                   0.1
Order Trogoniformes                 0.5
Order Coraciiformes                 2.4
Order Piciformes                    4.1
Order Passeriformes                58.2

  Combined List of all Birds      100.0
                  29 Orders
                 201 Families
                2073 Genera
               10010 Species

Full list of 10010 bird species available on CD now for $20 


Major sources on the internet:

Integrated Taxonomy Information System  - ITIS - US Dept of Agriculture (free)

Handbook of Birds of the World - IBC - Internet Bird Collection (free - except videos)

Wikipedia (free)

Finnish site - Life on Earth (birds)

Sibley-Monroe List of birds

Clements-like List of birds

Animal Diversity Web

Zoonomen  (includes subspecies)  (free ??)

Sibley DNA Sequence - Non Passerines - high level taxonomy only

Sibley DNA Sequence - Passerines - high level taxonomy only

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