An Odd AI Challenge for French AI experts - The Computer Poker Competition

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New AI Challenge from 

For those of you with an interest not only in robotics, but also in artificial intelligence, there are challenges against which you can set your brain in the hope of your creation outsmarting those by others from around the world - exciting for those in strongly competitive fields, like those studying artificial intelligence in France. But every great mind needs something a little unusual for some outside-the-box thinking, and it's arguable that there are a few artificial intelligence challenges out there for you.

One such opportunity is an event called the Computer Poker Competition - but those expecting a lengthy tournament on; may be in for something of a surprise. In essence, it's a tournament in which artificial intelligences compete with each other at a virtual poker table, each of them trying to out-think and out-play each other. People from around the world take part, and for those in the burgeoning French communities researching AI, it seems like an invaluable opportunity for them to show what they're made of.

You can find a considerable amount of information here; about the competition, but before you enter it's worth thinking about the potential challenges you'll be facing when fine-tuning an artificial intelligence's set of rules and behaviors, especially as there's no language barrier as the game is pure mechanics.

First among these would be bluffing - if you can get your AI to constantly confuse and mislead other AIs at the virtual table on, this may be a significant advantage. But it involves a specific set of logic that will allow the AI to operate on "if" logic - if you're holding a pair of twos and have enough chips, play arrogantly and hope the other AIs back down and let you take down an easy but small pot. Else, play cautiously and fold if someone calls.

It's not difficult to program basic poker behavior, but to reach out past that basic set of rules and create wildcard behavior approaches that will toy with the AI's opponents. How these are triggered is up to you - opponent chip amounts seems like a good lead, as you can give your AI a "panic mode" that has it use certain tactics against a clear leader to absorb their chips and hopefully disqualify them completely.

As you can see, it's an interesting challenge for those who work in relevant fields and for those who'd like to draw attention to France's formidable groups of AI specialists, and if you come out the winner, then your AI is truly something special.