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Dr. Alois Alzheimer studied, identified, and wrote about this disease in the early 1900s.  It now threatens millions of older people around the world.  Anyone over the age of 50 should be taking steps to make sure that they don't succumb to this debilitating and ultimately fatal disease. 

  Recent developments 

         1.   Bexarotene, Skin Cancer Drug, Reverses Alzheimer's Symptoms In Mice   (**new**)
    Apparently this skin cancer drug which has been available for over 10 years has recently been shown
    to reverse Alzheimer's symptoms in mice.  This is great news - except for one thing - its VERY expensive.
    Internet searches to buy Bexarotene (generic) show 75 mg tablets cost at least $20 EACH.  The original
    drug called Targretin costs about the same $20 - $25 for EACH 75 mg tablet.
         2.   Coconut Oil Touted as Alzheimer's Remedy  (**new**)
    Apparently insulin problems can prevent brain cells from accepting glucose, their primary fuel. Without it, they
    eventually die.  But there is an alternative fuel -- ketones, which cells easily accept. Ketones are metabolized in
    the liver after you eat medium chain triglicerides, found in coconut oil.   Coconut oil is CHEAP compared to
    anything else.  You can buy 7 POUNDS for about $40 here:
    That is about a 1 year supply for $40.

         3.  Scientists discover way to reverse loss of memory   
               It seems that in some cases electrical stimulation of the brain can reverse memory loss.  I guess the question
               is how many people can afford this type of treatment.
         4It appears that the arthritis drug, Enbrel, can reverse the symptoms of Alzheimer's in a few minutes!!!
         5 Within 5 years there could be a vaccine which will break up the sticky globes of amyloid proteins
              which cause Alzheimer's disease
               Known as CAD106, it is the brainchild of scientists at Zurich-based biotechnology firm Cytos.  
         6PBT2 - Australian doctors have produced a drug , PBT2, which not only prevents build up of the
              amyloid protein linked to the disease, but actually clears it out of the brain.  Phase II clinical trails
              are beginning.  Here is another article.
         7.   Huperzine A - It is an extract from a club moss (Huperzia serrata) that has been used for centuries in
              Chinese folk medicine. Huperzine's action has been attributed to its ability to strongly inhibit
              acetylcholinesterase, the enzyme that breaks down acetylcholine in the synaptic cleft. Acetylcholine
              is involved in memory and learning. By inhibiting the enzyme that breaks it down, more acetylcholine
              becomes available to stimulate neurons. Alzheimer’s disease is a condition where there’s a relative
              shortage of acetylcholine. 



Want to try some Huperzine?  Bottle at left has 60 capsules. Only $19.95 including shipping inside the USA.


What are the steps you can take to reduce your risk of suffering from this fatal disease?

1. Do physical exercise.
Walk, run, dance, swim, pump iron, whatever you can handle.
2. Do mental exercise.
Learn a new language.  Play bridge, or chess.  Do crossword puzzles.  Read.
          Use it or lose it!
3. Change your diet.
The following foods have been found to be beneficial.


      Bexarotene, Skin Cancer Drug, Reverses Alzheimer's Symptoms In Mice   (**new**)
Apparently this skin cancer drug which has been available for over 10 years has recently been shown
to reverse Alzheimer's symptoms in mice.  This is great news - except for one thing - its VERY expensive.
Internet searches to buy Bexarotene (generic) show 75 mg tablets cost at least $20 EACH.  The original
drug called Targretin costs about the same $20 - $25 for EACH 75 mg tablet.
      UCLA study says Curcumin is the key substance.
Study by Dr. Sally Frautschy points to curcumin.
      Curcumin comes from the spice Turmeric  -  Low incidence of AD in India.

For example, one of the lowest age adjusted Alzheimer's rates in the world was recorded by Chandra in a rural community in northern India. Incidence of Alzheimer's was 4.7 per 1000 person-years, as compared to an incident rate of 17.5 per 1000 person years in the Monogahela Valley of Pennsylvania. (111) This is a 73 percent reduced rate.

Japan has lower rates than the United States. Japanese men who live in Hawaii experience higher Alzheimer's rates, while stroke levels remain unchanged. In Japan, the ratio of AD to vascular dementia is generally less than 1, whereas in Hawaii it was 1.5. Typical ratios in the United States and Europe are 2 or more. (111)  Greater consumption of fish, and much reduced contamination of food and water with aluminum are two likely factors in this difference. However, the high soybean diet of Japan, while protective of some types of cancers and high in silicon that could control aluminum absorption, has been shown to kill neurons and might account for the higher Alzheimer's rate in Japan compared to India or China. 

The reason is that soybean contains pseudo estrogens that block the receptors for estrogen. Brain cells require estrogen to be healthy. As a result, an AD caretaker would likely want to avoid the use of soybeans in the diet.

         Alzheimer's affects only 1% of people over the age of 65 living in some Indian villages.
Omega-3 fatty acids - found in fish oils may prevent Alzheimer's disease
Eat more fish or take Omega-3 dietary supplements.
Blueberries help fight Alzheimer's
A cup of blueberries a day may keep "senior moments" away, new findings suggest.

Anti-oxidants such as
White tea
Vitamin C
Vitamin E
The following paragraphs were excerpted from the above link.

Over the last several decades, scientists have discovered that the body's formation of unstable oxygen molecules called free radicals is unavoidable -- every cell produces tens of thousands of them each day. We're also exposed to free radicals in the environment on a daily basis. Cigarette smoke, for instance, is one of the most concentrated sources of free radicals.

Left unchecked, free radicals can cause extensive cell damage and contribute to a whole list of chronic diseases. Luckily, the body does have a defense system against these rogue "oxidant" compounds: antioxidants. Found in numerous fruits and vegetables, and even produced naturally by the human body, antioxidants literally "mop up" free radicals.

The more familiar antioxidants include vitamins E and C; the carotenoids (such as beta-carotene); selenium; and flavonoids (anthocyanidins, polyphenols, quercetin). All of these are readily supplied by a varied and well-balanced diet. Probably lesser known are the so-called "factory-installed" antioxidants produced by the body itself; these include glutathione, alpha-lipoic acid, and coenzyme Q10.


      Dietary supplements

         The following are the supplements which I take:

         Supplement                        Purpose
         -------------------             -----------------------------------------------
         Vitamins C & E                  provides antioxidants to prevent Alzheimer's
         Curcumin                          prevent Alzheimer's
         Aspirin                               keeps blood thin - helps prevent heart attacks
         Omega-3 (fish oil)            prevent Alzheimer's
         Iron pills                             maintain healthy red blood cells
         Glucosamine sulfate            prevents arthritis
         Vitamin B complex          prevent Alzheimer's
         Sage leaf                          prevent Alzheimer's

         DHEA                               hormone supplement
         Blueberries                      prevent Alzheimer's
         Citrical                               provides calcium for strong bones
         DMAE                              active ingredient of skin care creams
         Phosphatidyl choline       prevent Alzheimer's - help retain acetylcholine in the brain.
         Lemonade                         prevent kidney stones  
         Huperzine-A                    prevent Alzheimer's 
         Coconut oil                      reverse Alzheimer's     <===   NEW

  What treatments are available?  (In addition to the above mentioned supplements)

        1. Donepezil (Aricept) - offered by Eisai & Pfizer
        2. Galantamine (Reminyl) - offered by Johnson & Johnson
        3. Rivostigmine (Exelon) - offered by Novartis Pharmaceuticals.
        4. Memantine (Axura) - offered by the German company Merz.
        5. Bexarotene
        6. Targretin

        Comments?   Email me at