Animatronic Head by David Ng

Now offering a next generation head for $ 5 500

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What's New

How would you like a full-sized animatronic head?  We are pleased to offer a complete fully assembled animatronic head designed and built by David Ng of Vancouver, BC, Canada.  This head includes 16 servos and 2 Mini-SSC controllers. The VSA software which operates the facial actions listed below is $80 extra. The neck also moves left and right and up and down.   

VSA Servo controller software - CD version 5.0 Hobbyist $79.95 (below)

See VSA software description here.


We recently have completed many major changes and improvements to our animatronic head product.  Specifically, these changes include replacing many parts with stainless steel parts and aluminium parts to ensure the head will be as durable as possible.  We have a demonstration unit in Vancouver BC. If you are near by, you are welcome to come over to look at it and test it out before you purchase it.  However the viewing is only done by appointment with Chris Willis either by phone or by email.

 New Pictures  5/24/2012









         New pictures 5/23/2012



         New pictures  11/22/2011



                new =>     Another movie (50 Meg)    <=  new

     Old video of head with face on

     New video showing movements without face on

               new =>   New skull video (1 Meg)   <= new 

      Here are some other VIDEOS        1.  Face, jaw, all facial motions.    3 Meg

       2.  Head and facial motions with controller.  3 Meg

       3.  Neck and jaw motions.  3 Meg

       4.  Neck motions with controller.   4 Meg

The complete head includes the following:

  • Plexiglass skull
  • Silicone skin - your choice of colors
  • Plexiglass display stand
  • 16 servo motors
  • 2 Scott Edwards Mini-SSC servo controllers
  • Wig - your choice of color & style.
  • R/C control unit to operate the head.
  • Detailed operating manual.

Animatronic actions include:

  • 1 - Move eyes left & right
  • 1 - Open & close eyelids
  • 1 - Open & close jaw
  • 4 - Smile or return to no smile
  • 2 - Frown or return to normal
  • 2 - Lift eyebrows up or return to normal.
  • 2 - Make "O" with lips (like kissing)
  • 2 - Neck motion
  • 1 - Turn head left & right

    Fully assembled head (16 muscles) is $ 5 500 (NOT including shipping)

    If you wish to purchase one or more heads, please email me and we can arrange      

    for you to wire your payment or to pay by check which will save us 2.5%.

    Here are some pictures of David's shop


      main lab              testing area         development        cutting table       vacuum tables

    Now offering a NEW set of animatronic eyes for $380.  


             Top view                Bottom view             Bottom-side view

  • 3 servos are included
    • 1 servo opens & closes the eyelids together.
    • 1 servo moves both eyes left or right together.
    • 1 servo moves the eyes up and down together.

                                         inches          mm
      full width                      4.25          110
      full height                      2.0              52
      full depth                      4.0            104
      eye separation              2.75            70  
      weight                          2.5 oz.       80 gm.  (2/3 wt of previous version)

    Manufactured from the highest grade of aluminum

   These NEW eyes are available now for $380


Comments?   Email me at