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What's New

1. Cyberdyne Corp of Japan is now offering a strong exoskeleton called HAL-5.  It is 1.6 meters tall and weighs 23 Kg = 50 pounds.  Its battery will last about 4 hours and the exoskeleton is claimed to give you a ten-fold increase in strength.  Here is another article with a video.  The sale price is expected to be about $4200.

            HAL-5   exoskeleton for  $4200

2. Anybots of Mountain View, California, has introduced a new domestic robot to help you around the home. Monty stands 1.7 m tall and weighs 72 Kg.

        Dishwasher robot.

3. Tmsuk & Sanyo Electronics have combined forces to produce a new household security robot called Roborior.  It is about the size of a large watermellon and is available in many bright colors.  It can be connected to your TV set so you can see what it sees.  It can also phone your cell-phone to report an intruder.  It is mobile on three wheels and can be moved via a remote control handset.  The cost is 280,000 Yen or about $2600.  Here are other links:  CBS story  and ABC story.

       roborior1.jpg (19138 bytes)       roborior2.jpg (33765 bytes)      Roborior  

        Front                           Bottom

4. Mitsubishi Heavy Industries has announced a household robot called Wakamaru. This robot stands about 1 meter tall and weighs 60 pounds. It will go on sale in Japan next year for 1 million Yen or about $8500. Here is a Japanese link.  It can understand speech (Japanese) and can talk to you.  Here is a news story.  It operates under Monta Vista Linux.  

    wakamaru.jpg (51965 bytes)     Wakamaru & friend.

5. A new Canadian company called Dr. Robot has developed a small android called Dr. Robot which can be used either for entertainment or as a home security system. This android can walk and stands about 60 cm tall. It will be offered in May of 2003 for $1500 - $3000 each. The company is located in Markham, Ontario, Canada.

         drrobot2.jpg (25638 bytes)      Dr. Robot

6.  Fujitsu Laboratories has developed a new robot designed to be remotely controlled
by mobile phone to operate electronic appliances and monitor home security.
The robot, dubbed MARON-1, can take pictures and relay them to the owner's
mobile phone screen and be used as a voice-activated telephone.
          maron.gif (21270 bytes).     Maron-1 
7.  iRobot is now offering a robotic home vacuum cleaner called the Roomba.
This self-contained vacuum cleaner costs about $200.
          They now have 4 outlets.
          roomba.jpg (39215 bytes).     Roomba 
8.  Evolution Robotics is offering a fun kit called the ER1, which will
transform your laptop into a MOBILE home-robot.
The cost is $600.     
          er1_pic1.jpg (4744 bytes)     er1_pic2.jpg (8193 bytes)       ER1
9.  The Care-O-Bot II, a service robot designed for the care of sick
or elderly, is now available. It is built by the IPA in Stuttgart,
Germany.  German site.   

          home_care_de.jpg (9790 bytes)      Care-O-Bot II


10.  A home security robot called "Banryu" (guard dragon) is now available.
It looks like a nasty dog.  It is 1 meter long, 80 cm tall, and 70 cm wide.
It weighs about 40 kg (88 pounds). Its pretty expensive at $18,000.
It has been jointly developed by Sanyo & TMSUK.   
Here is another article.

          banryu1.jpg (19149 bytes)      banryu2.jpg (17643 bytes)      Banryu


11.  A new domestic semi-android called TMSUK IV  is now available
in Japan for $45,000. They have sold about 15 so far. No doubt they
will build one with legs next.  
    There are some nice pictures here.
          tmsuk4.jpg (5128 bytes)      It looks feminine.
12.  Gecko Systems offers a Carebot. They are now offering the MSR 3.4 for $20,000
which can do lots of stuff.  Check it out.   
         carebot.jpg (10887 bytes)
13.  Friendly Machines is offering a robot lawnmower. Its called the RL500.
The cost is $525.   You can call them at 1-888-404-7626
mowbot.jpg (11076 bytes)     "Mowbot"
14.  NEC has gotten into the act too. They are offering a small personal
     companion robot called the R100. It can talk and see with 2 CCD
     cameras and roll around on its wheels. It can also recognize spoken

          NECR100.gif (7623 bytes)     R100

15.  NEC is also offering PaPeRo, another personal robot. It is smaller and
     lighter than the R100, but otherwise it can do the same things as the R100.

        papero.gif (6702 bytes)      PaPeRo.