Gimbaled Animatronic Eyes/Android Eyes From $99 to $749

Now offering animatronic eyes with Pololu 6 channel USB servo controller

Over 150 sets of eyes shipped all over the world

All sets of eyes ordered with servos will get HS-82 MG (metal gears) - NO extra charge

Please buy your shipping at the bottom of the page

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What's New
     Animatronic/Android Eyes - complete kit ($749) includes
a)   1 - set of gimbal mounted human-sized eyes.
b)   2 - color video CMOS cameras (PC208-2 from Supercircuits)
c)   5 - servos to control the eyes and eyelids.
d)   1-  9v PS and D-cell battery pack to drive the servos 
                      D-cells NOT supplied.
e)   1 - servo controller by Scott Edwards Electronics
          f)    1 - set of cables to connect controller to computer
g)   email support or phone consultation

           Korea3.jpg (646585 bytes)                       

    A Korean customer ordered 5 sets of android eyes:  3 basic, 1 full up no cameras, 1 with cameras (above)


          eyes_back3.jpg (79356 bytes)       both2.jpg (109537 bytes)      Boneyard3.jpg (98033 bytes)      Boneyard4.jpg (80892 bytes)

             Full assembly is about 4.5" wide x 4.5" tall x 3" deep; weight = 210 gm (7 oz.)

Other types of eyes, not necessarily Android Eyes,

but nonetheless are actual  surveillance cameras may be viewed at .

They continually stock the very types of video security cameras you'll need.

Call toll free (877) 512-5738  10AM - 6PM EST  

Customer Comments

The eyes arrived in perfect condition and are absolutely fabulous!!!  Thank you, thank you, thank you...You are a craftsman for sure, I see what you mean about the tiny hardware, not many could build something like that.   

My eyes arrived yesterday and These , and save me a ton of time and
mistakes I'm sure I would have made trying to make these myself -   

Swedish customer:  "Thanks tons, ... Those eyes are really fantastic! I'm impressed.
You really did an excellent job. You can't imagine how helpful this is to the project I'm working on.
I have already tried them with the VSA software as well as with other arrangement I had here. Things look good.
I simply can't thank you enough. Please expect that I will need more sets and some more help.. 

UK customer:  It arrived today safe and sound.  It's a fabulous piece of work and I really appreciate the effort that you've put into it.   It's much smaller and lighter than I expected which is a plus.

I donated one animatronic eye to the Theatre Company at Mountain View College in Dallas. Here is what they said about it: "The eye arrived today and it is magnificent. Amazing workmanship. I can't thank you enough. I am blown away by your generosity."

Assembled Kits - part counts

   $99 kit                      $399 kit                       $749 kit
   3   eye brackets           3  eye brackets             3  eye brackets
   2   eyes                        2  eyes                         2  eyes
   2   eyelids                    2  eyelids                      2   eyelids
   4   copper rings            4  copper rings             4  copper rings
  19   screws                 21  screws                    21  screws
  21   nuts                      23  nuts                        23  nuts
                                       2  eye backs                 2  eye backs
                                       4  securing ties              4  securing ties
                                       5  linkages                    5  linkages
                                       4  spacers                     4  spacers
                                       1  9V battery                1  9V battery
                                       1  D-cell holder             1  D-cell holder
                                       5  HS-82 MG servos    5  HS-82 MG servos
                                       1  Mini-SSC                 1  Mini-SSC
                                       1  com cable                 1  com cable
                                       1  serial connector         1  serial connector
                                                                            2  PC208-2 color video cameras

    Total parts                 Total parts                    Total parts
     51  parts                    80  parts                        82  parts

    My labor                    My labor                       My labor
      4  hours                     8  hours                        12  hours

 $75 Puppeteer's kit without top bracket


          Front                      Back

One pair of  26mm eyes, your choice of colors and other mounting brackets (assembled).


 $99  Eyes only (assembled)

       Kit99_front.jpg (207698 bytes)          Kit99_back.jpg (205990 bytes)    

          Front                              Back

One pair of  26mm eyes, your choice of eye colors and other mounting brackets (assembled). 


 $399   Full kit NO cameras (assembled) -  includes 9V battery & additional D-cell battery holder,

Gimbal mounted human-sized eyes, 5 servos, Mini-SSC servo controller and cables.  

       Set041104_front.jpg (225250 bytes)         Set041104_back.jpg (222118 bytes)

          Front                             Back

 but VSA servo software NOT included.


******* NEW VERSION  - Lower price - better controller  ***********

***************    Uses Pololu 6 channel USB servo controller  (below) *****************

includes Gimbal mounted human-sized eyes, 5 servos, Pololu USB servo controller, all assembled


  $349   Full set of animatronic eyes but NO cameras 

  and VSA servo software NOT included.


  $299   Full kit NO cameras & NO controller or cables

includes Gimbal mounted human-sized eyes, 5 servos, all assembled

  but VSA servo software NOT included.


  REDUCED  to $575   Full kit with 1 full color NTSC CMOS camera (assembled) - 

Left eye has a PC208-2 camera.  VSA servo software NOT included.


  REDUCED to $575   Full kit with 1 full color NTSC CMOS camera (assembled) -  

Right eye has a PC208-2 camera.   VSA servo software NOT included.


   REDUCED to $749   Full kit with 2 full color NTSC CMOS cameras (assembled) -


          Front                      Back

PC208-2 cameras from Supercircuits.   VSA servo software NOT included.



VSA Servo controller software - CD version - $79.95 (below)

See VSA software description here.


Sorry - rates have gone up - Sorry

Overseas Shipping via UPS WorldWide Express - $110(below)


Overseas Shipping via US Post Office Air Mail - $35(below)

Shipping to Canada via US Post Office Air Mail - $25(below)

Inside USA Shipping via Priority Mail - $12(below)


General Information: