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World's top humanoid robotics programs

1. The University of Tokyo
JSK has developed seven or eight full sized humanoids.
See the World's greatest android projects page.
2. Waseda University - Tokyo, Japan
Waseda University has been developing humanoids for 30 years.
See the World's greatest android projects page.

Japanese robotics programs

1. Here is a list of the Entire R&D Community in Japan
Includes a VERY extensive list of Universities in Japan.
2. Robotics in Japan - Table of Contents
VERY complete list of research in Japan.
Includes both universities and non-university laboratories.

Search US Engineering Schools for your engineering program - at

1. TypesofEngineeringDegrees.Org

This website is a comprehensive search engine designed for students who are interested in learning more about various engineering disciplines - and to find programs near them based on price, size, student culture, and instructional offerings.  See: http://www.TypesofEngineeringDegrees.Org/

Search IHS Engineering360

1. IHS Engineering360 editorial covers the entire engineering landscape, with key areas of focus such as automation and control, electronics, energy and natural resources, general engineering, manufacturing, materials, network and computing and process equipment.

Search Affordable Colleges

1. We recently updated our guidebook to accredited online degree programs to better help new and returning students understand the online academic landscape and how best to succeed in an online degree program. This resource can be found here:

Search Accredited Schools Online

1. We produced an open-access guide to choosing and attending trade and vocational schools.  This guidebook to helps students and their families better understand the intricacies of vocational programs.  See:

US University robotics programs

1. Machine - short list of robotics programs.
Includes a few non-US universities.   

AcademicInfo: Online Degrees, Subject Guides & Video Lectures  

AcademicInfo is a free academic resource focusing on providing quality subject guides and distance learning information to students, teachers and other researchers. See their engineering degree and computer science degree pages for related information.


North American engineering schools


All Engineering Schools ( makes it easy to
find the engineering colleges that interest you. Search for engineering
schools by location, program type, or specialty. Then read detailed fact
sheets on featured engineering colleges, and get in touch with admissions
officers by requesting information.

More University links

          imahal_logo.jpg (2363 bytes)

They have lists for the US, Canada, UK, and India.


 New list of Online University Programs + a lot more

               1164 degree programs

         They also have links to 7,500 US colleges & universities

All the World's Universities

          braintrack_400.gif (8598 bytes)

          The following list is maintained by Klaus Forster at the University of Innsbruck in Austria.  It contains links to over 6,200 universities worldwide.

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