Linnean Classification of all Mammal species of the World

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This list of mammal species will be part of the Valerie android's expert knowledge base.  It will be used to answer questions directed to the Valerie android.

Orders of Mammals

Order Artiodactyla            3.7
Order Carnivora (sample list) 9.9
Order Cetacea                 1.9
Order Chiroptera (bats)      18.4
Order Creodonta (Extinct)     1.2
Order Dasyuromorphia          1.4
Order Dermoptera              0.2
Order Desmostylia (Extinct)   0.4
Order Didelphimorphia         1.2
Order Diprotodontia           2.4
Order Hyracoidea              0.4
Order Insectivora             7.2
Order Lagomorpha              1.2
Order Macroscelidea           0.4
Order Microbiotheria          0.2
Order Monotremata             0.4
Order Notoryctemorphia        0.2
Order Paucituberculata        0.4
Order Peramelemorphia         0.6
Order Perissodactyla          0.6
Order Pholidota               0.2
Order Primates                6.6
Order Proboscidea             0.4
Order Rodentia               38.5
Order Scandentia              0.6
Order Sirenia                 0.4
Order Tubulidentata           0.2
Order Xenarthra               0.8

  Combined List of all Mammals      100.0
                  28 Orders
                 161 Families
                 747 Genera
                4939 Species

Full list of 4939 mammal species available on CD now for $20


Major sources on the internet:

ITIS - Integrated Taxonomy Information System - US Dept of Agriculture (free)

Wikipedia (free)

Mammal's Planet (outstanding) - including subspecies.

Mammals of the World - Robert B. Hole Jr.

Johns Hopkins University - Walker's Mammals of the World

University of Michigan - Animal Diversity Web

Checkeslovakian Mammals of the World

Finnish site - Life on Earth (mammals)

Systema Naturae 2000

European Register of Marine Species (not limited to that)

Smith College - Mammalian Species List



Extinct Primates

All Life (WOW!!!)

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