Android/Humanoid/Animatronic Head

Life Size silicone face and matching skull for only $295

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Would you like to build your own animatronic head?   It tough to get started because the hardest part has to be done first.  You need to sculpt a life-sized head and then make lots of molds - which are a big pain.  8 molds are required for the 4 items included in this package. We are now offering the skull in two parts (front and back) and the beautiful silicone face also in two parts for the low low price of $295.   Simply mount the head and add your animatronics to give you a quick and easy animatronic head project.  The skull parts are made of tough nearly unbreakable plastic.

Valerie's Head

  skull_front.jpg (92107 bytes)        Face_front.jpg (96648 bytes)         skull_back.jpg (90196 bytes)

     The face shown above still has the flashing attached.  You simply trim off the excess as you wish.  The face is life-size (5" wide by 8" tall).  The whole head is 12" tall.   Rear skin section is not shown but is included in the kit.   Silicone face is easily washable with soap and water.  Use baby powder to reduce sticky feel.  Use Shin-etsu caulking compound to attach silicone (included in kit)

8 piece animatronic head kit  $295

   Kit includes the following:

  • Skull front & back (shown above)
  • Face (above) & back of head silicone skins.
  • 1 pair of small ears
  • 1 pair of medium ears
  • 1 tube of Shin Etsu caulking compound for gluing.
  • 2 square feet of Power Stretch for attaching cables

Caucasian skin tone


Asian skin tone


African-American skin tone


** Inside US shipping by USPS - no extra charge **

Shipping box is 14" x 14" x 8" - weight about 3.4 Kg (7.5 lbs.)

UPS shipping inside the USA - $90


UPS shipping to Europe - $110


Air Parcel Post to Beijing, China - $50


Shin - Etsu caulking compound - $15

(10 fluid ounces = a lot)



Comments?   Email me at