Analog Gyro/Accelerometer Board

This 6-axis sensor board consists of 3 orthogonally mounted gyroscopes and 4 orthogonally mounted accelerometers. It is cheap enough that you can mount one in your android's head and another in its torso (that is our plan anyway). This sensor could be combined with video cameras and touch sensors to provide stable balance for your android. This board produces seven channels of analog output (3 accelerometers, 3gyros, 1 temperature). They can be read by any A/D board - including and especially our own Touch Sensor Board. We offer a package discount (and a Visual C++ development project) if you buy the Touch Sensor Board to read the Gyro board.  Compare our price with other 6-axis systems which cost anywhere from $3500 on up.

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What's New
Gyro/Accelerometer board  -  price reduced to $595
         Educational Institution discount of $100 available
     1 kit includes the following:
a)   1 - 6-axis sensor board
           3 gyros are:    Murata ENC-03J Gyrostar piezoelectric vibrating gyros.
           4 accelerometers are:    2 Analog Devices ADXL202AE 2-axis accelerometers.
                     1 temperature sensor,    1 adjustment pot. 
b)   1 - 12v  power supply to drive the board.
          c)   1 - CD includes all software, documentation, & instructions.
d)   1 - Hardware assembly guide.
e)   1 - Software development guide.
f)    2 - free support calls

          Driver software:   Since this is an analog board, you cannot read its output directly. It requires an A/D board to convert the signals into digital readings. Our Touch Sensor board will do this.  If you purchase the Touch Sensor board also, we provide a Visual C++ project which will read the Gyro board through the Touch Sensor board. Of course you will receive the FSRs with the Touch Sensor board too.

        DATA SHEET

        Factors effecting measurement accuracy   


    Gyro/Accel Board as above - $595    Gyro/Accel Board with Educational discount - $495



Shipping of board Overseas by UPS Worldwide Express - $110 Shipping of board inside US by UPS / Fed Ex next day air - $100



SHIPPING of board Overseas by Priority International - $35 SHIPPING of board inside US by USPS - $20



     New_Gyro_Bd.jpg (72883 bytes)      <= New picture 08/29/2003 showing single adjustment pot (blue box).  This pot adjusts the center values of all three gyros at the same time.

     Size = 2.5" x 2" x 1" =  62mm x 50mm x 26mm

     Weight = 3 ounces = 90 grams.

     General Information: