Latex Masks by DH of Holland

Life Size Latex mask reduced to $195 - including shipping

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What's New

D. H. of Holland is offering beautiful latex masks

These masks are very high quality latex. The material is very flexible and very life-like. Both male and female masks are available.  Rear zipper opening/closure.

    DH_man1.jpg (65492 bytes)     DH_man2.jpg (23186 bytes)  mask_back.jpg (4668 bytes)  DH_woman2.jpg (67689 bytes)    DH_woman3.jpg (124719 bytes)

                          Male mask                           Back                         Female mask

Male Latex Mask - reduced to $195 including shipping


Female Latex Mask - reduced to $195 including shipping


Shin - Etsu caulking compound - $15

(10 fluid ounces = a lot)



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