Kill the DISGUSTING Nasty Redirects

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Don't you HATE seeing the DISGUSTING unrequested redirects which appear seemingly out of nowhere to embarrass you or make you sick?

Don't you think those redirects are also being seen by your children?

  • 1.  How does this stuff work?
    • It is done with Java scripts.
    • The page you access has a script which redirects your browser to the page which contains the unwanted and unrequested popup.
  • 2.  How do I stop it?
    • There are four ways to do this.
      • 1. Turn off Java scripts in your browser(s).
        • MS Internet Explorer
          • Click on the "tools" dropdown list
          • Select "Internet Options"
          • Click on the "security" tab
          • Click on "Custom Level" box for Security settings
          • Drag the scroll-bar down to "Java permissions"
          • Change setting to "High Safety" or "Disable"
          • Drag the scroll-bar down to "Scripting"
          • Disable "Active scripting"
          • Disable "Scripting of Java Applets"
          • Click OK
          • Click OK
        • Mozilla browser
          • Click on the "Edit" dropdown list
          • Select "Preferences"
          • Click the "+" by "Advanced"
          • Click on "Scripts & Plug-ins"
          • Under "Enable Javascript for", uncheck the box labeled "Navigator"
          • Click OK.
      • 2. Block the IP addresses which are being accessed to display the garbage (see below for this approach)
      • 3. Use both tactics.
      • 4. Some popup blockers may help.


Use your firewall to block the following IP address range:

     Block -

If you can't block the address range (which McAfee cannot) then block all addresses in the following list:

  •    <=  main one in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
  •   <=  another big one in Vilnius, Lithuania
  •      -
  • cogent communications -
  • standard shells        -

IP tools to help you find these guys.


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