What Valerie CAN and CANNOT do

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We are pleased to announce the commencement of our own domestic android project. This android will look like a woman. Why?  Because a woman is less threatening than a full-sized adult male.

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What Valerie will be able to do:

  • Muscle movements equal to a person.
  • Understand spoken commands (in several languages)
  • Speak to you in English (or several other languages)
  • Remember previous conversations with you.
  • Remember a daily list of chores to be done.
  • Perform household chores such as:
    • Cleaning
    • Clearing the table
    • Changing light bulbs
    • Doing laundry
    • Dusting
    • Lift and carry things up to 50 pounds
    • Picking up things
    • Putting things away
    • Painting
    • Setting the table
    • Sweeping
    • Washing dishes
    • Vaccuuming
  • Access the internet to do such things as:
    • Check stock prices
    • Check sports scores
    • Find information for you
    • Book plane tickets for you
    • Find addresses or phone numbers
    • Find directions
  • Call police in an emergency.
  • Call the fire department in case of fire.
  • Dress or undress herself.
  • Have a sense of touch all over like people do.

What Valerie will NOT be able to do:

  • Eat or drink
  • Breathe
  • Perform other bodily functions.
  • Hurt people (Asimov's first law)
  • Have sex.
  • Put her head under water.
  • Take any water or other liquids into her head or mouth.
  • Drive a car (because she can't go outside).
  • Run a lawn mower (because she can't go outside).
  • Physical actions which people cannot do.
  • Sleep


General Information: crwillis@androidworld.com