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The above robot , is a technology demonstrator that proves that complex programmable robots can be created using analogue circuits .(i.e. without the use of computers & the like).

Robots presently are created using computers & special purpose components , according to the programme fed into the computer the stepper motors or other devices work simultaneously or in sequence , Use of computers & special purpose motors & devices makes these robots very expensive & very complicated .

The above mentioned Analogue circuit robot , has no digital circuits or special purpose devices or motors .it is very easily programmable & cost me only $300 (U.S.) to build .Currently it performs the following tasks :-

1) This robot basically performs the task of welcoming visitors into establishments , When any visitor enters the establishment , this robot rotates it's head & gives a welcome address, optionally ,it can also say "Thank you" to visitors leaving the establishment.

2) If any visitor comes within 4 feet of the Robot , the robot comes forward & lifts it's hand, on it's hand being touched ,the robot says "hello" & goes back.

3) If there is forced entry into the establishment at night, the robot plays a siren & can phone & inform the police of it.

The various features that make this robot comparable to the digital circuit robots is:-

1. This robot is fully programmable , the sequence of & the working of each of it's various components can be changed .

2. It has system priority , according to requirements & logic ,only specific components will work together, while the rest will wait for their signals.For example , when the robot is giving it's welcome address , it will not raise up it's hand or come forward to shake hands & vice versa but, when the robot is waiting for it's hand to be touched ,& a visitor comes into the establishment ,the robot will say the welcome address.

3. It is a Human replacement robot , & due mainly to the limited & repetitive actions performed by human doormen , can replace them. (i.e. it has built in intelligence and logic required for the above job & does not require any external control).

4. It is both flexible & precise in operation , i.e. according to specific requirements it can be made more human like or more machine like, for example , lifting of it's hand to say "hello" can be adjusted to make it stop precisely at the same position everytime or adjusted so that exact precision is not obtained and sometimes the hand either goes higher or lower.

5. There is only one voice source for all messages .

6. The welcome address is only given to visitors entering into the establishment , not to those leaving it, while the "thank you" message will only be given to visitors leaving the establishment.

7. If a visitor comes upto the door of the establishment ,but, does not come inside , no welcome address will be played.

8. After lifting it's hand & coming forward , the robot waits for the visitor to touch it's hand , if it's hand is not touched ,it's hand goes down & it goes back without saying "hello".

9. If any person is standing at the door of the establishment , the robot will play the welcome address only once , not repetitively.

10.The robot will only come forward to shake hands when it senses a person coming forward towards it , it does not do so when the person goes away from it. (inside it's range of 4 feet).

11. It is self resetable , & on occurence of any error goes back to it's original position after one additional cycle ,for example , if the head of the robot is turning & power is disrupted , on resumption of power , & the entry of the first visitor after it ,will reset the head back to it's original position.

This robot can thereby recognise if any person is going in or out of the establishment , it can also recognise if a person is standing at the door of the establishment & also if a person has gone back from the door of the establishment ,it can also know when a person is coming towards it or going away from it ,it also knows when it's hand is touched ,& has the intelligence to either give the welcome address or shake hands ,or do both according to situations. It therefore shows logic & intelligence to do the job it is required to do ,comparably to any computerised robot that could have been used to do the above job.

Further developement of this technology could yield very low cost robots , ideally suited for under- developed economies , that are simple to build ,easy to operate , & built using commonly avaliable components & parts.


Sharat Sharma