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In Memory of My Sister Mary Jo Willis who died 10/23/2007

        My beloved sister Mary Jo passed away very suddenly of a massive heart attack on October 23rd 2007.   She was only 54 years old.   She was a very warm and friendly person.   Sadly she was also very overweight.   She was 5'3" tall (160 cm) but weighed 230 pounds (104.5 Kg) thus giving her a BMI of  40.7.   She tried many many types of diets but just did not have enough willpower to lose weight. Do you want to have a heart attack too?  I hope that my sister's death can somehow help others to find the willpower to lose the weight and save their lives.

2/3 of Americans are overweight - I am not.

 1/3 of Americans are Obese

Wouldn't you like to lose weight?

      Losing weight is difficult - especially for those who are overweight.  The answer is so very simple yet so very difficult to implement.  JUST EAT LESS FOOD AND EXERCISE MORE.   I am a person with a lot of willpower and I can make myself eat less and exercise more.   I want to try to help you lose weight too.   Why?   My new year's resolution is to help people lose weight.

      What you need is strong motivation to convince you to resist eating and start to exercise more each day.  I run 3 miles every day.  I have reduced my weight to under 140 pounds which is a BMI of under 20.0 (since I am 70 inches tall).   The last time I weighed less than 140 pounds was when I was 18 years old.

  • Motivations:
    • Financial motivation.
      • By eating less food, you will save money.  If you are overweight, you probably eat twice as much food as I do.   If you are obese, you probably eat 4 times as much food as I do.

      • Your savings should be $5 per day if you are overweight = $1825 per year. You could have a nice Hawaiian vacation for that much money.

      • Your savings should be $10 per day if you are obese = $3650 per year.  You could take your spouse to Hawaii with you for that much money.

      • Being extra large often means you must buy more expensive clothes. You know that custom made clothes are pretty expensive.

      • Being extra large often means you wear out your clothes faster simply by bursting the seams which aren't intended for 300 or 400 pounds.  That costs you extra money too.

    • Time motivation.
      • By eating less food, you will save time.  If you are overweight, you probably take twice as much time to eat as I do.   If you are obese, you probably take 4 times as much time to eat as I do.

      • Your savings should be 1/2 hour per day for overweight people = 183 hours per year.

      • Your savings should be 1 hour per day for obese people = 365 hours per year.

      • By eating and therefore buying less food, you will save time at the grocery store too.

      • Many people who are obese have difficulty walking or getting around.  This causes them to lose time in all activities in which they participate.

    • Health motivation.
      • Obesity is strongly linked to blindness. Professor Michael Belkin and Dr Zohar Habot-Wilner reviewed more than 20 studies involving thousands of patients. They said they found a consistently strong link between obesity and the occurrence of four major eye diseases that cause blindness.

      • Obesity is a strong risk factor for type 2 diabetes. The results showed that people in the lifestyle modification group reduced their risk of getting type 2 diabetes by 58 percent. Average weight loss in the first year of the study was 15 pounds. Lifestyle modification was even more effective in those 60 and older. They reduced their risk by 71 percent. People receiving metformin reduced their risk by 31 percent.

      • Obesity is now recognized as a major risk factor for coronary heart disease, which can lead to heart attack.  

        • Obesity - raises blood cholesterol and triglyceride (tri-GLIS'er-id) levels.
        • lowers HDL "good" cholesterol. HDL cholesterol is linked with lower heart disease and stroke risk, so reducing it tends to raise the risk.
        • raises blood pressure levels.
        • can induce diabetes. In some people, diabetes makes these other risk factors much worse. The danger of heart attack is especially high for these people.


      • Obesity is linked to heart failure.  A new study published in the August 1 issue of the New England Journal of Medicine, shows that obesity itself (and not just the associated medical conditions) can lead to heart failure.  Furthermore, the study shows that even excess body weight in people who are not considered obese substantially increases the risk of heart failure. John Candy & Orsen Wells died of heart attacks.

    • Longevity motivation.
      • Being overweight WILL shorten your life.

      • Being obese will probably KILL you 10 - 15 years earlier than normal. John Candy & Orsen Wells died of heart attacks.


    • Psychological motivation.
      • You will feel better about yourself if you get slimmer.

      • You will no longer be ashamed of your appearance.  If you don't even care about your appearance, then you are beyond help.  Only the threat of death will have any effect on you - and perhaps not even that.   Recall for example,  John Candy or Raymond Burr or Marlon Brando or Orsen Wells. All of them weighed as much as 350 pounds.  John Candy & Orsen Wells died of heart attacks.  Is a 50% death rate high enough to worry you???

      • If you lose weight, it will prove that you have more willpower than you thought!

    • Appearance motivation.
      • Many people have a negative reaction to overweight people. This means it will be more difficult for you to interact with those people who already have a negative opinion of you.

      • Many employers have an negative bias against overweight people and especially obese people because they feel that such people will cost them more money for health problems and lost productivity.  Consequently you will find it harder to find a job if you are overweight or obese.

      • Talk about the "Ugly American".   What do you think foreigners think when they see another HUGE American tourist?  They probably just laugh inside.

  • Exercise plan
    • Walking or Jogging
      • Obviously you can only do these activities in a safe neighborhood. If your neighborhood is not safe, then consider swimming or going to the gym.

      • My dad walks every day.  He used to do 3 miles a day but now (at 93) he only does one mile a day.

      • My mom DIDN'T walk every day.  She was a couch potato and now she is DEAD (at 85 in 2001).

      • I jog at least 3 miles a day - in under 30 minutes.  Don't feel bad if you can't do that.  I had to work up to it.  When I started jogging after a five year layoff, I could only run 100 yards before I had to stop and walk.  So just run as far as you can and then walk.  After you walk a while then try to run again.  Start with 1 mile and work up to whatever you can manage in the time available.

      • You may want to get an indoor walking machine.  My brother-in-law has one which he uses at least 30 minutes every day.

    • Get a DOG.
      • Why?  Because having a dog will MAKE you get out to walk him every day.

  • Eating Plan
    • Eat more fruits & vegetables
      • Fruits & Vegetables have NO FAT and NO CHOLESTEROL.  Fruits and vegetables are CHEAPER than prepared foods - especially snack foods. Therefore, if you eat fruits & vegetables you will save MONEY

    • Cut back on meats & go vegetarian if you can.
      • Meats contain FAT & CHOLESTEROL which are BAD for you.  Once you have reached adulthood, you no longer need meat to help you grow bigger. I know its hard to give up, so just try to cut back.  I have cut back to half the amount of meat that I used to eat.   Again by eating less meat, you will save MONEY.

    • Drink water or Diet sodas or Orange juice
      • The idea here is it try to keep your stomach full or at least partly full to try to reduce your craving for food.

Comments?   Email me at