David Ng - Robot Hand/Arm

New pricing (see below)

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What's New

 David Ng is now offering a servo operated robotic hand and arm

New Pictures





This hand/arm is operated by 13 high torque servos as follows:

  • 4 fingers - 1 DOF each (1 servo - open/close )
  • 1 thumb - 2 DOF (2 servos - open/close & side to side)
  • Fingers - 1 DOF (1 servo - spreading/closing )
  • Wrist - 1 DOF (1 servo - rotation)
  • Forearm - 1 DOF (1 servo - rotation)
  • Elbow - 1 DOF (1 servo - bend/straighten)
  • Upper arm - 1 DOF (1 servo - rotation)
  • Shoulder - 2 DOF (2 servos - raise/lower arm & swing forward/back)
  • Kit includes 2 Mini-SSC servo controllers.


                    Here is a movie of the hand/arm in action.   (old movie)

      New movie showing BOTH arms in action.   (7 MB file)

Another movie (50 Meg)

       new =>        Latest movie (4.5 Meg)       <=  new


       Additional details:

         High torque servo motors are used to produce the actions.

         Controlled by:   Mini-SSC servo controllers

         The Mini-SSC is produced by Scott Edwards of Arizona and will control up to 8 servos at a time.

         Two Mini-SSC controllers will be included with each kit.   Please visit his site for more info on his

         controller board.       http://www.seetron.com/ssc.htm

         Connection to the computer:

         Cables are provided to connect each Mini-SSC to a serial port on your computer.  

         Software:   The VSA servo controller software package from Brookshire Software

         is included in the price.  This is Hobbyist V5 .0  and is supplied on a CD.   This software allows you

         to set up a sequence of actions (as long as you want) for up to 64 servos and to associate a wave

         file with each one.  You can play the resulting sequence once or many times or repeatedly.

         Please visit     http://www.brookshiresoftware.com/           for more information of this package.

         Size:   The arm is basically life-sized.   Weight is about 10 pounds.

         Customization offered:   The customer can specify the arm length from wrist to elbow and

        from elbow to shoulder.

        New Pricing for David Ng's Arms

         1  hand-arm    =  New improved version $6500

         2  hand-arms  =  $6000 each

         3  hand-arms  =  $5500 each

         4  hand-arms  =  $5000 each

         If you wish to purchase one or more arms, please email me and we can arrange      

       for you to wire your payment or to pay by check which will save us 3%.

           This kit will be shipped from Vancouver, BC, Canada.  Shipping charges are included in the price.

  Comments?   Email me at crwillis@androidworld.com