Bandai BN-7 home entertainment robot.

(Inc.) Bandai the entertainment robot not only as the pet and the toy the human came well and quite as a partner, like one member of the family, aimed toward the fact that it lives with the human pleasantly jointly, foam/home entertainment robot " BN - 7 (the tentative name)" made on an experimental basis. Experimental model " BN - 7 " recognizes the face and word of the human, communication to do, and the fact that et cetera it self-propels with the wheel it is possible with conversation and operation of the hand. This " BN - 7 ", exposition " ROBODEX2002 " of leading personal robot (March of 2002 28th - 31 day meeting place: ????? Yokohama sponsorship: ROBODEX Executive Committee) being similar, we display.

Experimental model foam/home entertainment robot " BN - main merit of 7 "

* In image recognition ability the face up to family 7 recognition   Foam/home entertainment robot " BN - the largest point of 7 " is image recognition ability. The face up to family 7 is recognized at 1 time, character of the whole family and the communication which is adjusted to life pattern are possible. In addition, while looking at the face of the partner, it can converse. Furthermore, because letter of specification and the sign and color can be identified, it is possible own accord to do the conduct which had purpose inside home.

* To load speech recognition ability * conversational ability, with the feeling of joy and anger grief and happiness, color of the cheek change " The BN - 7 " has speech recognition ability * conversational ability, various setting is possible with the application which is loaded. As a specification of prototype of present condition, in speech recognition ability, from the midst of the word where the human speaks, the vocabulary which becomes keyword recognition (recognition) is done from among 100 languages which are set to the robot beforehand, the conversational ability to answer in word of 65 and 000 languages that vis-a-vis the word which is inspected, combining the word of 1000 types has. (With the ROBODEX2002, functional one part demonstration is done) In addition, in order to be complete communication, it is possible to do the body language which used the hand according to the contents of the word which you speak. As for feeling expression, it is possible other than word and the hand to do even with expression of the face. For example, when being delightful, it has reached the point where color of the cheek changes with the change of feeling of joy and anger grief and happiness e.g., the cheek blushes to, pink color when getting angry, when the ? which becomes deep-red, being troubled, becomes blue.

* Artificial intelligence and the sensor is loaded the autonomous type robot where As for size of the substance, the height approximately 68cm, with the weight approximately 20kg, as for movement, it drives the wheel which is installed in the foot with the motor and self-propels. Control of the whole robot is done with the sensor and the computer which are built in to the robot. In addition, also operation with the radio control is possible. In the future, study is taught to the child, the ??? of cooking is conveyed to the mother, it is the schedule which loads the function where serves the purpose of the family, e.g., the partner of shogi of the father is done, at that time information from outside examines also the fact that the data is downloaded via Internet.

* Had ultra-advanced technology collaboration of enterprise and the institution which This corporation has installed the technical research team in order to develop the next generation entertainment commodity which centers the robot, " the BN - 7 " is one of the research result. Presently, the speech recognition system the Asahi Chemical Industries corporation (Representative President Yamamoto monistic and address: Tokyo Chiyoda Ku Yuraku Cho 1 - 1 - 2) with, as for image recognition system corporation gene * TEX (Representative President city bridge Satoshi man, address: The Tokyo Shibuya Ku Hiroo 5 - 19 - 9) with we do cooperation development, also in the future, collaboration of enterprise and the institution which had ultra-advanced technology it is the policy of keeping doing positively. Experimental model foam/home entertainment robot " BN - 7 (tentative name)" Photograph

* As for this photograph concerning the experimental model of the March 18 day and time point, possibility of modification you are

Experimental model foam/home entertainment robot " BN - 7 (tentative name)" Specification

Size W500 x D400 x H680mm Weight Approximately 20kg Battery Lead storage battery 1C$2v12Ah Continuous action time approximately 3 hour Charge time approximately 10 hour Main CPU Pentium ? 1gHz HD20G Memory 128m Windows2000 Camera CMOS color 300000 pixel 30 frames / S Freedom 18 freedom (Head 3, one arm 6, waist 1, wheel 2) Visual sensor * Certification of face (to maximum of 7 names register possibility) * Certification of sign * Certification W of color Auditory sensor * Direction of sound specification * Speech recognition Simultaneous maximum of 100 language Entire vocabulary several maximum of 65 and 000 language By the text the recognition vocabulary additional function Touch sensor The hand and foot Ultrasonic sensor Chest, back and face Conversational function Sampling sound (maximum of 65 and 000 languages) Performance Maximum of 65 and 000 sort Expression With LED illumination the joy and anger grief and happiness expression Conduct panel As for the conduct panel which is processed the SSE * by, It can describe the conduct for sensor 1000 sort it is possible 65 and 000 to have that panel. * As for this specification concerning the experimental model of the March 18 day and time point, possibility of modification you are

* The SSE (the sub * sump Shaun * engine) with, it is something which is suitable to the OS, the basic thought engine of the robot which Bandai developed (artificial intelligence) it is. " The person of specification is searched, what is reported ", and so on it is possible to make various application execute. Because the foam/home entertainment robot " BN which is in the midst of this development advancing - robot exposition " ROBODEX2002 " being similar, it announces the prototype of 7 " for the first time, about collection of data, we ask may.